Tetronicle – A Tetris Chronicle!

by OZ

Brian opened his eyes, and blinked.

He looked at the stark landscape in front of him. Giant, crumbling blocks of stone lay in front of him, once perhaps beautiful, but decayed now, into twisted shapes and rotted into grotesque colours. The looming stacks of stones, lined up in row after jumbled row like mismatched teeth seemed to leer at him. Where was he? Brian looked around, wondering what had happened to him, where he was, and how he got here.

Since he wasn’t the hero of the story, he didn’t have a chance to go exploring, and have all sorts of wonderful adventures, and discover the true meaning of life, the universe, and mother’s home made apple pie. This wasn’t really that kind of story, and he really wasn’t hero material. Instead, what happened was really rather obvious.



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Who’ll save us from the lesbian aliens?

by gSathe

The recent controversy over Mass Effect, the purveyor of alien pornography, has shown us one thing. We gamers are all under thirteen years of age, and we clearly need to be saved from the vicious and pernicious evils of digitally rendered breasts because lets face it, we can’t be nearly as mature as the people who read a book or watch a movie. Because those are culture, not entertainment.

Except for one thing of course. If you start to quote statistics then serious studies tell us that the average gamer is now 33 years old. I played Donkey Kong back in the day, did you? So why are games still seen as kids stuff, and kids stuff only? Or is it perhaps that my old enough to vote and old enough to drink and old enough to drive and also old enough to watch adult only content on film mind also needs protecting from the evils of some, quite honestly tame digital loving? Isn’t this why there are ratings and isn’t this why people are supposed to actually pay attention to their kids, so that they know what they’re playing?

Hell. Remember Bloodrayne? It had a cheat code for “jiggy mode”. Dunno why, but it took a few minutes for me to realise what that was about. The answer becomes as obvious as… umm… the nose on your face, once you start playing the game, of course. Lara Croft is the woman we all remember though, gamer and non-gamer alike.

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Outta Town!

Is there anybody out there? Sorry about the delays on updates, and fixes, but I’m out of town right now and so while updates will continue, the normal schedule will take a day or two to reassert itself. In case anyone’s listening, my apologies!

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Gamepad versus gamepad

by gSathe

Which console should I get, an X-Box 360 or a PS3? This is a question that most people have asked me again and again. And the answer I usually give – buy both! And then looking at people’s angry faces makes knowing them completely worthwhile.

But lets face it, the two consoles are both very expensive. And most of us can’t afford to have both of them. And even if we manage to beg whine and plead, solicit donations off the street and sell kidneys in the black market until we have both consoles sitting in front of us, how do we even start paying for titles for the both of them?

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Introducing Guest

by Guest

Hello, my name is Guest. No, not Ace, not Axe, not Slasher, Dasher, Masher or Flash Forward. My name is Guest. It has always been, and might always be. Like most of us who never got to choose our names, Guest was not my name of choice, it bestowed upon me. Once upon a time I too desired the glamour of being Nero, Hero, Sub-zero; but after so many years of being Guest I have come to terms with my moniker. It seems appropriate. Guest – a recipient of hospitality; a transient, yet distinguished visitor who leaves few traces of visitation.


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Welcome to SplitScreen

It’s been a good year for gamers here in India, and gaming in general saw a really exciting year in 2007. The number of top line games which came out in the last few months of 2007 is staggering, mind numbing, incredible, and other such words too. So much so in fact that I’m still working my way through the lineup.

In India and around the world, we also seem to have entered into a console age. Sure, for the hardcore gamer the PC still offers some things which a console can’t if only because we have this great big keyboard with oh so many keys on it in front of us, but lets face it – a console just makes things so much easier. Power up, insert disc, and play. The greater accessibility, combined with the hardsell marketing which has now started to take place here in India has made the console the new and highly visible face of gaming, and take it from being a kids toy and made it a part of any household. Bright and shiny PS3s and 360s are making their rounds here like in other parts of the world, and video games are suddenly a lot less niche.

And so now there’s also a lot of sites from India which are giving you news about video games, and then there’s also sites like well… Zapak, which offer a lot of flash games to play and advertise heavily in India. Both are good things, I think. Though, Zapak… seriously, the latest round of ads need work. I’d like to say that I’m here to give you news about games too, but you can get that anywhere, and with more inside sources at that, so unless someone hands me a real scoop I’m not bothering with it. On the other hand, I’ve been playing video games since I first got a computer. I’m not quite the pong generation, but thinking of the original Prince of Persia still gets me all misty eyed. And I like talking about video games. A lot. And I’ve found that there’s a lot of people around me who’re like that too.

So over here I’m gonna talk about video games, and joke about video games, and occasionally perhaps even try and analyse video game. If you like video games and would like to do any of those things too, just email me, hell, I’ll even pay you for it! And meanwhile lets talk about video games.

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