Videogames get gamers jobs!

February 26, 2008 at 9:02 am Leave a comment

by gSathe

Now we all know that gaming is good for us. Okay, so not too many people would actually agree to that out there in the big bad world, but if you’re here and reading this, then you’ve likely got a better idea about games, have probably seen an Xbox 360 and a PS3, and are pretty likely a lot smarter than most people out there in the big bad world too. So I think we really can all agree that gaming is good for us.

But did you know that gaming can help you get jobs too? For at least one professional camera-person here in Delhi, DOA sessions and Gears of War action translated into a better paying job, within his own profession at that!

In cinematography, a jib is a boom device with a camera on one end, and a counterweight and camera controls on the other. It operates like a see-saw, but with the balance point located close to the counterweight, so that the camera end of the arm can move through an extended arc. A jib permits the camera to be moved vertically, horizontally, or a combination of the two. A jib is often mounted on a tripod or similar support.

A jib is useful for getting high shots, or shots which need to move a great distance horizontally or vertically, without the expense and safety issues of putting a camera operator on a crane or laying track for a dolly. A jib can even be mounted on a dolly for shots in which the camera moves over obstacles such as furniture, when a normal dolly shot could not be used.

A jib is somewhat more complicated than a simple lever, since almost always the camera’s aim needs to be controlled independently of the swing of the jib arm. This can be done by relatively simple mechanical means or by the use of remotely controlled electric servo motors.

Since the camera operator is often not able to use the camera’s controls directly or look through the camera’s viewfinder, a jib is often used in conjunction with a remote camera control for focus and zoom and with a portable video monitor.

Thank you Wikipedia. Now what all that means is that the jimmy-jib is a big crane with a camera at the end of it, and you can use it to shoot in ways that you just can’t manage unless you stand a dozen camera-men on top of each other. Which probably would be stretching the limits of the human body, so we have the crane instead. The entire unit is operated using a set of joysticks and a remote screen to catch the action, kinda like a gamepad and a screen, and cameraman Suresh Chaudhary (who doesn’t want his real name or photo up here, so… he’s not really called Suresh!) was one of the first in the city to switch over to the new technology.

“It’s new here. In Bombay there’s more, but right now there’s only six jibs in the city. It’s not often that we get a chance to use them, and so for most people the odds are that  they aren’t familiar with their systems,” Suresh says, “I played a lot of video games, I had a PS2 and now I own an Xbox 360, and it really isn’t that different.”

I’m sure it isn’t, as long as he remembers that bouncing things off people’s heads in games is only fun when you’re not swinging around a 40 foot crane in the real world as well!

And for his efforts and his gamer skills, Suresh also earns a cool Rs 5000 per shoot more than the other cameramen he’s working with.

So who said gaming wasn’t good for you?


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